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  • Does my child need to be a certain grade?
    No. If your child is starting out then they can join our Junior Section, which caters from beginner up to grade 2. For the Intermediates we would expect around grade 3 and Seniors would normally be grade 5 or above. This is also influenced by your child's experience playing with an orchestra.
  • Does my child have to attend every rehearsal?
    It is important that rehearsals are attended to ensure that all members are able to learn and play the pieces to the required level for public performance. Our rehearsal and performance dates are published well in advance to make sure diaries are updated. However, we do understand that at times other commitments may need to come first and would ask that as much advance notice of absence is given as possible.
  • What do I need to bring to rehearsal?
    As well as your instrument, please bring a music stand (labelled), money for tuck, a pencil and a drink. See the Information page in the Member's Section for more details.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    As at 1 September 2022 the term fee is £77 per term. This comprises twelve rehearsals in the Autumn Term, ten in the Spring Term and eleven in the Summer Term. The total number of rehearsals in the Orchestra year is therefore 33, at a combined cost of £231 per annum. The term fee also covers concerts and other performances throughout the year. The term fee is reviewed annually by Surrey Arts, usually at the beginning of the Autumn Term, and parents are invoiced for direct payment to Surrey Arts.
  • Do you provide instrument hire?
    Instruments can be expensive, especially if there is some uncertainty about a child's suitability to a particular instrument. In view of this there is an instrument hire facility operated by Surrey Arts and we can provide guidance on accessing this once a decision is made about learning a particular brass or woodwind instrument.
  • My child is concerned that she/he will find it too hard?
    Don't be! We are a very friendly group and all members will be supported to help them achieve their full potential. Please come along to see a rehearsal - you can use the Contact Form on the Home Page to arrange a time.
  • Can my child change instruments if they are not enjoying or making progress?
    We have no problem with an Orchestra member changing instrument, although their playing ability with regards to any new instrument will need to be re-assessed to ensure that their standard remains suited to the Orchestra section that they currently play with
  • What music do you play?
    Each year our Musical Directors choose a selection of music to practice and perform. Typically this will include excerpts from musicals, contemporary chart songs, classical pieces, jazz pieces and highlights from rock/pop artists. We find that our members really enjoy the challenge of playing a diverse selection of music!
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