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August 2020 Newsletter

We hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer break as best they can in these uncertain times. It will not be long now before schools and colleges return for the Autumn term and we are sure that many of you will be looking forward to meeting up again with friends in what will be a very different study experience.

We are sure that there has been much concern and anxiety amongst some of our senior members whilst they awaited the outcome of their A level and GCSE gradings. We hope that, in the end, all those affected have secured the results they had hoped for and have been able to progress their education in the way they have planned.

For those Senior Section members that will be moving on to university, we would like to wish you well in your studies and to thank you for your significant contributions to the success of the Orchestra during your time with us. We hope you have enjoyed the CYWO music experience.

Do not forget, for those that were due to participate in the July 2020 overseas summer concert tour, you will be receiving an invitation to participate in the next overseas concert tour we organise.


When we return to rehearsals in September these, as previously advised, will continue online via Zoom until it has been deemed to be safe for us to return to normal rehearsals at Cordwalles School. It is hoped that this will be in January 2021, although we will continue to monitor the situation with Surrey Arts and Cordwalles School so that we can get back together again earlier if this becomes possible.

Once schools have returned and we can assess how this has been managed, we will be looking for the opportunity to hold one or two one hour outdoor rehearsals for each of the three sections of the Orchestra, to at least give everyone the opportunity of playing together again. Social distancing will be the factor to manage effectively, hence the need for an outdoor rehearsal, together with appropriate arrival and departure procedures. We will keep you updated on developments here. As you know, we are always looking at ways to do things, rather than not to do them! However, the safety of our members will continue to be at the front of our minds in all CYWO undertakings.

The twelve Saturday morning online Zoom rehearsal dates for the Autumn Term are as follows:

Senior Section & Junior Section (9.30am to 10.30am)

Intermediate Section (11.00am to 12.00noon)

  • 12 September

  • 19 September

  • 26 September

  • 3 October

  • 10 October

  • 17 October

  • 7 November

  • 14 November

  • 21 November

  • 28 November

  • 5 December

  • 12 December

Members will be emailed their Zoom rehearsal link by Surrey Arts just prior to the rehearsal. We look forward to seeing everyone for the first rehearsal on 12 September.


Further to our July Newsletter, those current Junior Section members that have been selected to participate in the Intermediate Section Autumn Zoom rehearsals, as well as their Junior Section Autumn Zoom rehearsals, have been contacted by email. Also, those current Intermediate Section members that have been selected to participate in the Senior Section Autumn Zoom rehearsals, as well as their Intermediate Section Autumn rehearsals, have been contacted by email. All those promoted please note the times of each section’s rehearsal. You will receive an email invitation to join the relevant rehearsals.


As previously advised in the July Newsletter, we will be running an online Zoom Open Morning on Saturday 12 September, starting at 11:00 am. Below is a flyer you can download promoting our Open Morning and we would like all members and parents to consider ways in which they can use the flyer to make others aware of the Open Morning that will be taking place.

CYWO Open Morning Sept 2020
Download PDF • 504KB

The support of parents and members has always been a key factor in making our Open Mornings a success and thus helping us to maintain our membership numbers. Efforts to encourage recruitment are even more important this year, in view of the constraints that we currently face in delivering an enjoyable music experience and maintaining an interest in music.

This Open Morning will be for all young musicians looking to join an orchestra who play a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument, whether they are beginners or experienced musicians. Details about the Open Morning and how those interested can register to participate are detailed in the accompanying flyer. Alternatively, direct them to the 'Contact Us' section of the 'Home' page of our web site ( ) so they can confirm their interest, or they can email direct for more information.


For those not continuing their membership of CYWO for the Autumn term, will you please make contact to arrange the return of your music packs to our Senior Music Librarian, Linda McNaughton ( so that she can co-ordinate delivery/collection.

With regards to new music for the coming term, arrangements for this to be distributed to the members where required are currently under consideration. Further information will be provided in due course.

We will be deferring promotions within sections until we return to normal rehearsals, as the logistics of undertaking the exercise of changing music for all those affected will we feel be a challenge too far at the moment! Please bear with us for the Autumn term and we will undertake the in-section promotions exercise as soon as we return for normal rehearsals.


If you are a CYWO member and have your own email address, don't forget that you can sign up to receive your own copy of CYWO communications. There is no limit to the number of email addresses that can be registered for each member, just go to the Home page of the CYWO web site ( and click on the 'subscribe to mailing list' in the 'contact us' section.

Brian Hopper


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