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Christmas Coffee Morning

We will be holding a ‘Christmas Coffee Morning’ for parents of our Junior Section members at Cordwalles School commencing at 11.45am and finishing at approximately 12.15pm, with coffee/tea being served.

The purpose of the morning is to give parents the opportunity to watch our Junior Section members in rehearsal. We are sure they will be interested to see the progress our Junior Section has made during the short time that they have been rehearsing together in the Autumn term.

The start for this extra rehearsal for our Junior Section members on 11th December will be at the normal time of 11.00am, with parents joining us at 11.45am.

As we are continuing with safeguarding measures during rehearsals for our members, we would kindly ask that parents voluntarily wear a face mask when attending, although this can be removed when seated to hear the Junior Section's presentation. Also, if parents wish, they can bring their own cup/mug for their coffee/tea.

Brian Hopper


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