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Christmas Concert Member Instructions

Christmas Concerts 10th December & 11th December 2021

High Cross Church, Camberley

Instructions for Senior & Intermediate Section Members

We are sure that everyone is looking forward to perform a CYWO concert for the first time in 2 years.

This post is to give everyone participating the information they need for attendance at the concerts both evenings.

The safety of all our members is important to us and it would therefore be appreciated if those aged 11 and above wear a face mask whilst on the church premises, except when playing an instrument or when seated at other times. Social distancing will also need to be respected and we will adhere to any changes in government guidelines up to and including the concert dates. As our members attend different schools and colleges, we believe that it is appropriate to exercise caution in this indoor venue, so that everyone feels safe and can enjoy the concert experience in these challenging times.

There will be rehearsals for both sections prior to the performances. Members are to enter the church via the rear entrance for registration.

Senior Section

Arrival time at the church for rehearsal is 4.45pm, with the rehearsal due to end by 6.00pm. There will be the opportunity for Senior Section members to go into Camberley town to purchase their tea after the rehearsals, although all current government guidelines regarding mask wearing and social distancing must be respected whilst in town. Alternatively, Senior Section members may prefer to bring their own tea to eat at the church following the rehearsal. The large hall behind the sanctuary on the first floor of the church will be available for the exclusive use of the Senior Section each evening. Members can either arrive in uniform or bring their uniform to change into after the rehearsal and their tea.

Uniform will be the black polo shirts, black trousers and black shoes. Please bring your music and music stand.

Intermediate Section

Arrival time at the church for rehearsal is 5.45pm, with the rehearsal due to end by 7.00pm. Members are required to arrive for the rehearsal in uniform as, after their rehearsal, they will remain at the church until they open the concert at 7.30pm. The whole of the ground floor of the church will be reserved for the exclusive use of the Intermediate Section, with supervision provided.

Uniform will be the blue polo shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Please bring your music and music stand.


If you have ordered concert tickets and have not yet collected them, it would be appreciated if you could do so at the rehearsal on 4th December. This is to limit gatherings at the entrance to the concert auditorium to collect and pay for tickets on 10th and 11th December whilst other members of the audience are arriving to take their seats. Thank you.

If anyone has any questions regarding this circulation to the membership, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' section of our web site ( )

Brian Hopper


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