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December 2021 Newsletter

Christmas Concerts 2021

Well done to all those Orchestra members that participated in the Christmas Concerts and our Junior Section Christmas Coffee Morning, which both proved to be very successful. It was so good to see so many parents, family and friends in attendance at the two events, especially given all the restriction that were in place to ensure that the concert experience was in a safe environment for all those that attended. The support that parents give to our Orchestra is very much appreciated.

We can anticipate a busy period of rehearsals in the Spring term in preparation for our concerts at Camberley Theatre in May. Hopefully, we will also be able to prepare an active summer programme of play-outs in the coming year, so please make sure that you check Newsletters and the CYWO web site regularly, especially whenever you plan other commitments for 2022.

Tutor Programme 2022

In our concert programme we promoted our Tutor Programme and the offer of a free term of lessons to any young person that would like to learn a woodwind or brass musical instrument.

Our Tutor Programme enables us to encourage those wanting to learn an instrument to try out an instrument of their choice without a significant cost to parents. Hopefully, this is then something they enjoy and which parents will then feel able to fund after the first free term. Once those that started on our Tutor Programme have completed two terms of lessons, they are then usually ready to join our Junior Section and to start their journey through the Orchestra sections as their standard of play improves.

Our Tutor Programme is now an important gateway for the recruitment of new members to the Orchestra, with there being only limited opportunities available in the area to learn an instrument.

If you know of a young person that would like to try out an instrument under our Tutor Scheme, please put them in touch with us.


In our recent Newsletters and in our Christmas Concert programme we asked for volunteers to join our Logistics Team, which is such an important support for our Orchestra, both during Saturday morning rehearsals and at performances. If we have a good pool of parents available to help out with logistics, this enables us to limit the level of commitment individuals need to make, as attendance is on a rota basis based on availability.

Ideally, we would like as many parents as possible signed up for the team and if you are interested in learning more about the logistics role, please contact our Logistics Team Leader, Tony Montgomery, via the 'contact us' form on our web site or directly 07722 919112/ ).

Rehearsal & Provisional Concert dates.

We will continue Saturday rehearsals for the Spring term at the same times as the Autumn term, which are as follows:

  • Senior Section - 9.00am to 10.45am

  • Intermediate Section - 11.00am to 12.45pm

  • Junior Section - 11.00am to 12.45pm

The rehearsal Saturdays during the Spring Term 2022 will be as follows:-

  • 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th January

  • 5th & 26th February

  • 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th March

13th &14th May – Spring Concerts at Camberley Theatre (All 3 Sections)

Piano (free to collect)

We have been contacted by a parent of a current member of our orchestra offering an unwanted 'mini royal' upright piano that would be ideal for a beginner pianist, as one of the pedals has dropped. The piano was originally purchased about 7 years ago from Handel Pianos in Sunningdale.

The parent is not wanting payment for the piano, but it would need to be collected and is heavy. If anyone is interested in taking up this offer, please email and we can then pass on your contact details to the parent offering the piano.


We hope that all CYWO members and their families have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year break and we look forward to seeing everyone again on 8 January 2022!

Brian Hopper


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