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July 2019 Newsletter

Play-outs Summer 2019

We would like to thank all those members that have made themselves available for the play-outs this summer and congratulate them on the quality of performances that have been achieved, particularly where numbers in their section were depleted due to absences.

We believe that the play-outs are an important part of the musical development of our members, both because of the different environments in which they are asked to perform and also the teamwork and social aspect of these experiences.

We arrange for photographs to be taken at all of our events and have our own Flickr account where you can view them: . You can also access them via the Gallery section on our website (not mobile): If you would like high resolution copies of any of the photos, then please request them using the contact form on our website home page, stating the album and photo number. Below is a selection from the latest play-outs:

Coffee Morning

We are delighted to report that £1,503 was raised from the sale of cakes at the coffee morning held after rehearsal on 22nd June. A fantastic achievement!

Needless to say, the charity is delighted with the generosity of those that supported the Orchestra at the coffee morning, organised in memory of our late Orchestra Secretary, Sandra Kay.

A special thanks must go to Jane Hopper, the Junior Section Musical Director, who organised the event, and to all members and parents that contributed such a fantastic selection of home made cakes. I am sure that everyone feels that their efforts on the day, through baking, or donating to the cause when savouring the delights that were presented to them, achieved a very positive outcome for the cancer charity.

Orchestra Section Changes - September 2019

Over the next two Saturdays, those that have been selected to move sections within the Orchestra will be informed.

This year we have decided to make some changes to the structure of the Orchestra by moving larger numbers than usual from our Intermediate Section to our Senior Section and from our Junior Section to our Intermediate Section. The aim here is to make our Junior Section a smaller unit and therefore provide more focused support for those starting off with their musical development within our Orchestra.

We have been conscious that the individual support for our younger members has not always been possible over the past year because of the size of our Junior Section. We expect the realignment of size to lessen the challenges that some face when they first join the Juniors and start playing with more experienced players that are required to meet performance levels in a short time-frame.

Of course, those current Junior Section members that we believe will benefit from a further period with the Junior Section will, from September, have the added responsibility of leading their instrument sections and supporting the new members joining the Junior Section of the Orchestra during the year.

From September 2019, our Intermediate Section will increase considerably in size following the promotion of the Junior Section members and, with the move of a number of current members of the Intermediate Section to the Seniors, this will create a greater responsibility for those that continue with the section for a further period of time to lead by example and thus help maintain performance standards in the larger Intermediate Section.

We will be keeping promotions under review throughout the coming Orchestra year, rather than as currently set at the end of the summer term, so that those that show improvement quickly can be given a new challenge.

Our aim is to ensure that each of our members enjoys their music with the Orchestra and reaches their full potential with their chosen instrument. There will of course be challenges along the way to improve performance standards but, with the expert guidance of our Musical Director and Tutor Teams, we will always be looking to encourage and support all our members through their music experience with CYWO.

CYWO Polo Shirts

For those Orchestra members changing sections from September 2019, will you please return your polo shirt in September if you have it on loan. A replacement polo shirt will be issued for your new section in due course.


At the play-out at Park Street, Camberley on 20 July, will you please make sure that all of your CYWO music is handed to your section music librarian after the performance.

If any member of the Junior, Intermediate or Senior Sections of the Orchestra is not able to attend the final play-out and has not already handed in their music, then they should hand in their music at either the 6th or 13th July rehearsal.


Rehearsal Dates for the Summer Term 2019

  • 6th, 13th July - normal rehearsals with the Open Morning taking place during the rehearsal on 6th July (NO rehearsal on 20th July, performances in Park Street - instruction letter to be issued shortly )

Rehearsal Dates for the Autumn Term 2019

  • 14th, 21st & 28th September

  • 12th & 19th October

  • 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th November

  • 7th December

Remaining Performance date for this Summer Term

  • Saturday 20 July 2019All Sections - Park Street, Camberley in conjunction with Camberley’s Farmers Market. A detailed instruction letter will be issued shortly.

Advanced Notice of Performance dated for the Autumn Term of 2019 and the Spring / Summer Term of 2020

  • Saturday 16th November 2019 - Children in Need play-out at The Meadows Shopping Centre in Camberley - Senior Section.

  • Friday 13th December & Saturday 14th December 2019 - CYWO Christmas Concerts at High Cross Church, Camberley - Intermediate Section & Senior Section.

  • Saturday 14th December 2019 - CYWO Christmas Coffee Morning at Cordwalles School - Junior Section.

  • Friday 15th May & Saturday 16th May 2020 - CYWO Spring Concerts at Camberley Theatre - All Sections.


We hope all of our members have an enjoyable summer break and we look forward to seeing you again on 14th September.

For those in our Senior Section that will be leaving us to further their education away from Camberley, we wish them well and thank them for their valued contribution to the Orchestra’s success during their time with us.

Brian Hopper


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