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July 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to our final Newsletter of the summer term.

We are sure that our members have enjoyed the opportunity of having a full Orchestra year of 'live' rehearsals. It has been great to see everyone and, for the second half of the summer term, hearing all three sections of the Orchestra rehearsing at the same time once again. Hopefully, Covid permitting, we will be able to continue with our 9.30am to 12.00 noon rehearsal schedule for the full autumn term

On the subject of rehearsals, following a Surrey Arts consultation, we understand that the 2022/23 ensemble year will likely be scheduled to provide 33 Saturday morning rehearsals, rather than the former 30 rehearsals. This is expected to start from the Autumn term, with there being 12 rehearsal weeks. The shorter Spring term will be 10 weeks and the Summer term 12 weeks.

Our rehearsal schedule for the Autumn Term as shown below has assumed that these changes will be taking place, although it is expected that Surrey Arts will be writing directly to orchestra members and parents confirming the new arrangements. We will of course be in touch again ourselves if we need to revise the rehearsal schedule we have notified.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish the Senior Section members who will be leaving us this summer to go to university, all the very best for the future and to thank them for their valued contribution to the Orchestra during their time with us.

As with the leavers in the Summer of 2021, those leaving us this year and who missed out on the 2020 tour, will automatically receive an invite to participate in our next tour, which hopefully will be a good reason for them to keep playing their instrument! We will of course be happy to see them again at a future concert, either as a member of the audience or performing with the Orchestra.


We have already circulated details for attendances for the performances at St. Augustine's School Fair (Juniors and Intermediates) on 9 July and the performances in Park Street Camberley (All Sections) on 16 July. If there are any questions about the arrangements, please get in touch - .

It will be good to be finishing this current orchestra year with some outdoor performances and, as we write this Newsletter, it is forecast that the weather will be good. Fingers crossed!


This time of year is when we consider the promotion of members between sections, based on their progress with their music during the Orchestra year.

With a number of our Senior Section leaving the Orchestra to go to university every year, there is a need for promotions to ensure the musical development of individuals and to maintain the integrity of the Orchestra's three sections. This will also enable us to bring new young musicians into our Junior Section to start their orchestra experience with CYWO.

Our Junior and Intermediate Section Musical Directors will shortly be informing those chosen to move sections from September. If a member has been omitted for promotion this time and believes there is merit in them being considered, please let us know.


If any member is leaving CYWO at the end of this term, can they please ensure that their music is returned at the final 'face-to-face' rehearsal, or outdoor performance. This also applies to any CYWO polo shirt that is on loan.

If any member whose is leaving and not attending one of the final 'face-to-face' rehearsals or performances, will they please make contact with our Senior Music Librarian, Linda McNaughton, to arrange for their music and polo shirt return. Her contact details are 07788 561241 or email . Thank you.

For those being promoted from September, please ensure the music for your current section and polo shirt is returned when attending the first rehearsal on 10th September 2022.


  • 10th, 17th, 24th September 2022

  • 1st, 8th, 15th October 2022

  • 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th November 2022

  • 3rd, 10th December 202


  • 17h & 18th December 2022 – Christmas Concerts, High Cross Church. Camberley (Intermediates & Seniors)

Brian Hopper


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