May 2020 Newsletter

A Message to our Members

We hope everyone has been able to keep well over the weeks since we last circulated a newsletter. Whilst it is only just over seven weeks since our last rehearsal on 14 March, it seems like a lifetime ago and we are sure that the absence of CYWO on a Saturday morning has left a gap in the way you all enjoy your music through performing with others.

When we will be able to get back to rehearsal is of course an unknown and we hope our members are taking every opportunity to continue with their instrument practice, whether on their own, using Surrey Arts on-line learning resources or through social media with friends.

Below is a list of resources that you can access to help you during this period:

The Tour

For many members of our Senior Section the Summer Term would have been their last with CYWO. We share their disappointment at being unable to experience their last May concert, outdoor performances during the summer and of course the 2020 overseas concert tour.

However, we can confirm that all members of our Senior Section, who were due to tour this summer, will receive an invitation to participate in the next overseas tour we organise, whether or not they are still a member of CYWO.

We hope that those that have left us prior to our next tour will be able to keep playing their instrument and, if they have the opportunity, come along to participate in CYWO rehearsals and perform in our concerts. We always love to keep in contact with our past members!

Finally, if you require any further information from us regarding music resources, please get in touch by email or using the contact form on the Website ( In the meantime, stay safe and take every opportunity you can to enjoy your music and your summer.

With Very Best Wishes

Brian Hopper


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