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May 2022 Newsletter

In this newsletter...
  • May Concerts: well done everyone!

  • Rehearsal Times: back to 9:30 - 12:00 for everyone from June

  • Performance Dates: dates and times of playouts

  • Open Morning: for recruiting new members

  • Absences: please let us know in advance

  • Logistics Support: volunteers needed to help

  • Lift Share: anyone coming from GU4?


May Concerts

Congratulation to all members of our Orchestra Sections and their Musical Directors and Tutor Support Teams for a fantastic programme of music over the two nights of 13th & 14th May at Camberley Theatre.

Many favourable comments were received as to the quality of performance by all three sections of our Orchestra. Audience numbers were good across both nights and this, together with very successful raffles, has helped considerably with raising funds in support of the Orchestra. This helps ensure we can continue to provide a viable and soundly based structure in which to operate going forward.

Our thanks to all parents that attended the concerts and encouraged others to come along to enjoy an evening of musical entertainment.

Rehearsal Time Changes

As advised in previous Newsletters, we have been continuing to look for the opportunity to return to pre-pandemic rehearsal times - 9.30am to 12.00 noon for all three sections of the Orchestra.

We now feel that the time is right. This will happen from the first rehearsal after the summer half-term break, 11 June 2022, and then every rehearsal in June and July.

Please note the rehearsal on 21 May will keep to the current times (Seniors 9.00am to 10.45am, Intermediates and Juniors 11.00am to 12.45pm).

The remaining rehearsal dates are:

  • 21st May

  • 11th, 18th & 25th June.

  • 2nd, 9th & 16th July

The rehearsals scheduled for June and July may be subject to change where performances are arranged for Orchestra sections. These will be notified when the final instruction letter for the performance is distributed.

Performance Dates

  • 11th June (Senior Section) – Windlesham Village Fete – 1.00pm performance (details to follow)

  • 9th July (Junior & Intermediate Sections) – St Augustine's School Fair – Afternoon performance (details to follow)

  • 16th July (All Sections) – Park Street Camberley Farmers Market (details to follow)

Open Morning

This summer term we will be holding an Open Morning on Saturday 25 June. The aim is to recruit new members to the Orchestra to start in September this year. During the Open Morning we will be providing the opportunity to try out an instrument (woodwind, brass or percussion) and to sign up for our Tutor Programme (including 10 free lessons)

It would be appreciated if everyone could consider offering membership of CYWO, or the opportunity to learn an instrument, to someone they know and get them to come along on 25 June

It is very important that we maintain the momentum regarding recruitment, as we lose a number of Senior Section members each year when they move away to go to University. At the same time, members are also promoted from our Junior and Intermediate Sections. Together, this means we need continual recruitment of new members, particularly into our Junior Section. This flow of new members allows us to move members through the sections of the Orchestra as they become ready for new challenges.

Your support in this year's summer recruitment drive would be very much appreciated.


Can we please remind parents that any intended absences from Orchestra, either rehearsals or performances, must be pre-notified unless, due to ill health, it can only be notified on the day. Absence notifications should be made via the 'Absence Notification' tab in the 'Contact Us' section of the 'Home Page' of our web site .

Whilst this request has been included in a number of previous Newsletters, there are still too many occasions where Orchestra members are absent without any contact being made.

The lack of an absence notification can prove problematic when planning a rehearsal schedule, or playing a performance programme, as adjustments have to be made last minute if there is reduced representation of particular instruments. Your co-operation in this regard, particularly during the current summer performance programme, would be much appreciated.

Logistics Support

With a number of play-outs planned for the summer, it would be appreciated if we could have some parent volunteers to help with the movement of percussion and equipment from Cordwalles School to the performance venues and back.

We only have a small logistics team at present and, due to other commitments, they are not all available on every occasion that we need them. If we can have an additional panel of helpers we can call upon on specific occasions, this will assist considerably with planning.

In addition, when we move to a 9.30am start and 12.00noon finish after half term, some additional help for setting up at the start (say 9.00am) and then putting away at 12.00noon, will help speed up the process and reduce everyone's time commitment.

If you would like to put forward your name to join a logistics panel, please email and advise your availability. If required, more information can be given at that time. Alternatively, you can make contact at rehearsals. Thank you.

Lift Share

We have been contacted by a parent of one of our Junior Section members with a request that we ask if someone lives near to them can share the transport and collection on a Saturday morning. They live in the Burpham, Guildford GU4 area and, in view of the distance to travel, the ability to be able to share the travelling would be helpful. Please initially make contact with CYWO via if you can help and we will then contact the enquiring parent.

Brian Hopper


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