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May 2023 Newsletter

Spring Concert Raffle

We appreciate the donations of raffle prizes so far following the request in our April Newsletter. However, we would welcome more donations, so we can ensure that we again provide the attractive prizes that everyone wants to win! You never know, you might even want to win back the item you donated because it looks so appealing when presented as part of the range of raffle prizes at the concert!

Please bring your donation to the last rehearsal before our concert, which is on Saturday 6th May. Thank you.

Ticket Sales for the Spring Concerts - Saturday 13th May 2023

Tickets are still available to purchase through Camberley Theatre box office.The ticket price is £13.50. Information regarding the purchase of tickets can be obtained via the following link to our website: .

All sections of the Orchestra will perform and we have already circulated information to our members regarding attendance for the rehearsal and the concert itself on 13th May. A copy of this letter can be found via the following link to our website: .

Open Morning

This term we will be holding an Open Morning to recruit new members to the Orchestra. The morning chosen to invite those interested in joining our Orchestra to come along and try out with one of our Orchestra Sections is Saturday 20th May.

If you know of someone who may be interested in joining an orchestra, please encourage them to put our Open Morning date in their diary. Thank you.

Remaining Summer Term Rehearsals & Concert Dates.

Summer Term 2023

  • 6th & 20th May

  • 10th , 17th & 24th June

  • 1st, 8th & 15th July

The rehearsals scheduled for the Summer term could be subject to change where performances are arranged for Orchestra sections, although information in this regard will be provided at least 2 weeks in advance.

Performances so far for 2023

  • 13th May – Spring Concert at Camberley Theatre (All 3 Sections)

  • 10th June – Windlesham Village Fete – Early Afternoon Performance – (Senior Section)

  • 8th July – St Augustines School Fayre – Early Afternoon Performance – (Junior & Intermediate Sections)

  • 18th November – Children in Need – The Meadows Shopping Centre, Camberley – Morning Performance - (Senior Section)

  • 15th & 16th December – Christmas Concerts at High Cross Church. Camberley (Senior & Intermediate Sections)

Instructions for attendance at the above performances will be provided nearer to the date.

If you have any queries with regards to the information provided above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Brian Hopper


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