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May Concert 2023 Information


Below are the arrangements for our forthcoming concert at Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley. The technical rehearsal requires a prompt arrival time, and we would ask for your co-operation with this.

JUNIORS - Arrival Time: 3.45pm until 5.00pm to rehearse then return at 7.00pm for the concert

  • Parents: Please collect your son/daughter at 5.00pm and return them in Orchestra uniform at 7.00pm for the performances.

  • Uniform - Green CYWO polo shirt, smart black trousers / smart black shoes.

INTERMEDIATES - Arrival Time: 5.45pm. Please be in Orchestra uniform, having had a meal beforehand, as there will not be the opportunity to return home after the rehearsal.

  • Uniform - Blue CYWO polo shirts /smart black trousers /smart black shoes.

SENIORS - Arrival Time: 4.45pm

  • UniformBlack CYWO polo shirts / smart black trousers / smart black shoes After rehearsals, Senior Section members will be allowed to go into Camberley Town Centre for something to eat. However, any member who is 16 or under will need parental permission to leave the theatre premises in view of the fact that we cannot offer supervision of Senior Section members whilst they are in town. Members 16 and under must also be in groups of at least 4 people whilst in town.

At the 29th April rehearsal a Parent Consent Form will be handed out to Senior Section members aged 16 and under at the date of the concerts. Please return the completed form at the rehearsal on 6th May. Thank you.

If parents prefer, the Senior Section Orchestra member can remain at Camberley Theatre, but please supply a packed tea.

If the Orchestra member chooses to wear casual clothes for rehearsals, they are to make sure that they bring their Orchestra uniform with them. ALL SECTION MEMBERS PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR MUSIC AND MUSIC STAND

Refreshments will be available for all Orchestra members during concert interval.

Brian Hopper (Chair)

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