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November 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

With 3 rehearsals remaining for the Autumn term, we are starting to look ahead at what the Spring Term will bring with regards to rehearsals. Realistically, it now looks unlikely that we will be able to return to Cordwalles for the beginning of the Spring Term but, as you will know, the situation continues to evolve at a pace with regards to the management of coronavirus. With the availability of a vaccine to help with preventing the spread of the virus not far away now, we feel that there can be some optimism regarding normal rehearsals resuming in the early part of 2021. Surrey Arts is continuing to communicate with the providers of rehearsal facilities for its many ensembles and to work on providing a safe rehearsal environment when normal rehearsals are able to resume. We will of course keep you updated on developments.


We will be holding the second of our online Open Mornings this term on Saturday 12 December between 11.30am and 12.00noon. This time, the Open Morning will be to promote the opportunity for those wishing to learn a woodwind or brass instrument to have individual taster lessons free of charge for a full term. It is likely that these lessons will initially be online via Zoom and will start in January 2021. A promotional flyer is currently being produced and if anyone knows of someone who would be interested in taking up this offer of free lessons, please get in touch so we can arrange for them to attend our Open Morning.


Both our Junior and Intermediate Sections are in the process of working on projects that involve recording a piece of Christmas music ready for presentation by the end of the current term. We hope all of the members of the Junior and Intermediate Sections will have contributed to the finished music, which we plan to make available for viewing by everyone.


The final rehearsal of the term will be a joint rehearsal involving all 3 sections of the Orchestra. It will commence at 10.00am and will finish at 11.00am. At some stage during the hour, the 3 sections will break into their individual section rehearsals to practice a piece of Christmas music that will then be played as a combined group when the sections get back together. Nobody needs to worry about how good they will be at playing their part, as this will be tailored to their own playing level. As everyone will be required to be on mute when we play, nobody is going to notice mistakes anyway!! It will just be a nice way for us all to finish a term of online rehearsals playing together to celebrate Christmas.


For those former CYWO members who left in the summer to start their university studies, we are sure that, for most, life as a student has not been how they would have originally imagined. In fact, having also missed out on their last performances and a tour to Valencia with CYWO, this has been a disappointing 6 months for them musically as well. We would therefore like to invite them to join the Senior Section for the last 3 online rehearsals, which will include rehearsing some Christmas music.

We know that this Newsletter is notified to parents of former, as well as current, members and we hope our invitation will reach all of those that would be interested in joining us for our final Autumn Term online rehearsals.

To express an interest in joining the rehearsals, please email so that arrangements can then be made for the music and Zoom link to be provided. We look forward to seeing all those that can be available to participate.


28 November - Senior Section & Junior Section (9.30am to 10.30am) - Intermediate Section (11.00am to 12.00noon)

5 December - Senior Section & Junior Section (9.30am to 10.30am) - Intermediate Section (11.00am to 12.00noon)

12 December – All 3 Sections rehearsing 10.00am to 11.00am (Zoom links for joining the Seniors rehearsal will be provided to the Juniors and Intermediates prior to the rehearsal)

A separate Zoom online rehearsal link for 12 December will be notified to everyone prior to the joint rehearsal.


If any of our members would like us to include in a monthly Newsletter a particular item, or have answers to questions regarding the Orchestra and its activities, please email your request to and we will aim to cover this item in our next addition of the Newsletter. Don't forget, previous copies of our monthly Newsletters can be found on our web site

Brian Hopper


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