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October 2020 Newsletter

This is the second Newsletter of the Autumn Term and it follows the first six online rehearsals for the term. Obviously, this is not the way that we would have wanted to be rehearsing during the current term, but we hope that those that have attended the rehearsals will have appreciated the efforts made by the Musical Directors and Tutors to keep everyone engaged with their music and still feeling part of CYWO, even though we cannot currently be together as a group.

We hope everyone is enjoying their half-term break, although of course with certain limitations as to how their time can be spent. We resume online rehearsals on Saturday 7 November.


We had previously expressed a hope that we would be able to make some arrangements during the current term to have at least a couple of rehearsals outdoors to enable everyone to have some practice time together. Unfortunately, with the current increase in the spread of coronavirus nationally, the continuing limitations regarding groups meeting indoors and outdoors and with hirers being unwilling to allow outside organizations to use their facilities, it will now not be possible to arrange for us to meet as we had hoped during the current term. We will remain optimistic for next term.

We know that each section of the Orchestra has been working on different aspects of their music skills and knowledge through this terms online rehearsals and, in its way, this has been a positive in that it has provided the opportunity to spend more time on developing playing techniques without the pressures brought about by time limitations at normal rehearsals whilst preparing for performances at concerts. However, we think that one year without a Christmas Concert is quite enough!!!

It has been good to see so many of our members attending the online rehearsals via Zoom. We have been particularly pleased with the number that have regularly participated on Saturdays and that this number has increased over the term.

We appreciate that online rehearsals are no real substitute for a rehearsal at Cordwalles on a Saturday morning but, in the current circumstances, at least it is an opportunity for us to meet up and enjoy an hour of CYWO music activity together. We hope that those that are currently choosing not to attend online rehearsals will feel able to give further thought to their decision. We want CYWO to emerge as strong as possible once we are free from the restrictions brought about by the current virus and to hit the ground running once we are back in normal rehearsals. Keeping everyone engaged through the current online rehearsals will, we are sure, help us prepare for this day.

As previously advised, if there are any problems with signing into a Saturday morning rehearsal, please text 07803 702320 and we will do what we can to help overcome the problem.

The remaining six Saturday morning online Zoom rehearsal dates for the Autumn Term are as follows: -

Senior Section & Junior Section (9.30am to 10.30am) - Intermediate Section (11.00am to 12.00noon)

7 November

14 November

21 November

28 November

5 December

12 December


If anyone is missing any of the pieces of music currently being played at the online rehearsals, please raise this with your Musical Director or Tutor at the rehearsal or, alternatively, email so that any music requests can be forwarded to the appropriate section music librarian.


It is very important at this time that musical instruments are regularly cleaned - certainly before and after each use. Hands should also be washed thoroughly before you pick up your instrument to clean it and/or put it to your mouth to play. We are sure everyone is being cautious but, given the period of time that the current virus has now been present in our society, a gentle reminder from time to time ensures we all remain focused on keeping in good health.


If any of our members would like us to include in a monthly Newsletter a particular item, or have answers to questions regarding the Orchestra and its activities, please email your request to and we will aim to cover this item in our next addition of the Newsletter. Don't forget, previous copies of our monthly Newsletters can be found on our web site.

Brian Hopper


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