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September 2019 Newsletter

When we return to rehearsals on Saturday 14 September, we will be welcoming those that are joining the Orchestra for their first term as CYWO members and welcoming back all who are returning to the Orchestra for a further year. It will be good to see you all for a new Orchestra year after our lengthy summer break. Hopefully there has been plenty of instrument practice during the holiday!!

The cancellation of the performance on 20 July was of course disappointing - in particular for those Orchestra members for whom this would have been their final opportunity to perform with our Senior Section, especially as there has been no overseas concert tour this year.

In the August Newsletter, we extended an invitation to the Senior leavers to join the rehearsal on 14 September, prior to moving on to study away from the area, with their family and friends coming along for the final hour of the rehearsal for coffee and biscuits and to hear the Seniors in rehearsal one last time.

If you are a 'leaver' and would like to attend the rehearsal on 14 September, could you please confirm your attendance by emailing , if you have not already done so, and also confirm if you expect parents, grandparents and friends to come along for the final hour of the rehearsal. Thank you.


Registration & Tuck Shop Rota

With the departure of a number of our Senior Section members at the end of each summer term, parents who have been part of our registration and tuck shop team also withdraw their availability to participate on the helpers rota. We are therefore looking to recruit new parents to help on a Saturday morning.

The duties involve registration of Orchestra members as they arrive and the organising, setting up and service of tuck during rehearsal breaks. Help with other related duties may also be required during the morning, so a commitment to attend for the full rehearsal session, starting at 9:00 am would be a preferred requirement.

Volunteers are asked to attend at least once, and a maximum of twice, each term and, to encourage more volunteers, we thought we would introduce a 'taster' morning this term. This will give a prospective volunteer the opportunity to participate with members of the current rota team for an agreed Saturday morning to see the requirements of the commitment before signing up to join the rota team.

If you would like to take up the 'taster' morning introduction to the rota team, please contact Heather Coombes, who organises our tuck shop rota, via the 'Contact Us' section on the Home page of our web site . Alternatively, you can advise your interest when you attend with your son/daughter for a rehearsal on a Saturday morning.

Logistics Team

We are also seeking new parent volunteers to join our Logistics Team. This will help to share the workload, particularly with there being a need for as many of the team as possible to be available at the beginning and end of each Saturday morning rehearsal to help with the setting up and taking down of percussion for each of the Orchestra Sections and the transfer of items to and from storage.

It is appreciated that not everyone can make themselves available every Saturday morning and therefore a good size team can help with sharing the workload. A 'Whats App' group has been formed for the Logistics Team, so availability can be shared.

The Logistics Team also has a major part to play in facilitating the movement and setting up of chairs, percussion and other equipment at concerts/outside performances and providing security for our Orchestra members whilst in performance and under our supervision.

We are also happy to provide a 'taster' morning for logistics on a Saturday before a firm commitment to join the team is made. Again, an expression of interest can be made via the 'Contact Us' section on the Home page of our web site . Alternatively, a parent can advise their interest when they attend with their son/daughter for a rehearsal on a Saturday morning.


In our August Newsletter, we gave information about the return of music when Orchestra members return for the Autumn Term on 14 September. Please check the August Newsletter for guidance in this regard and make sure all music is brought to the rehearsal on 14 September. Thank you.

Polo Shirts

When we return on 14 September, we would ask that those moving section return their polo shirt for their previous section, duly washed and ironed, with a name attached so we can register the return. Polo shirts for your new section will be handed out later in the Autumn Term.


In previous Newsletters we have raised the subject of reporting absences. If an Orchestra member does not expect to attend a rehearsal on a particular Saturday, advance notice of absence must be advised by clicking the 'Absence Notification' box in the 'Contact Us' section on the Home page of our web site . Sickness on the day should also be reported, so our records can be kept up-to-date with attendance information.Thank you.


Rehearsal Dates for the Autumn Term 2019

  • 14th, 21st & 28th September

  • 12th & 19th October

  • 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th November

  • 7th December

Advanced Notice of Performance dated for the Autumn Term of 2019 and the Spring / Summer Term of 2020

  • Saturday 16th November 2019 - Children in Need play-out at The Meadows Shopping Centre in Camberley - Senior Section.

  • Friday 13th December & Saturday 14th December 2019 - CYWO Christmas Concerts at High Cross Church, Camberley - Intermediate Section & Senior Section.

  • Saturday 14th December 2019 - CYWO Christmas Coffee Morning at Cordwalles School - Junior Section.

  • Friday 15th May & Saturday 16th May 2020 - CYWO Spring Concerts at Camberley Theatre - All Sections.

Brian Hopper


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