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September 2020 Newsletter

This is the first Newsletter of the Autumn Term and, whilst we are not currently able to return to a normal term of rehearsals, it is nevertheless our intention to continue to issue our monthly Newsletter to keep you informed of developments regarding current and future CYWO activities.

If any of our members would like us to include in a monthly Newsletter a particular item, or have answers to questions regarding the Orchestra and its activities, please email your request to and we will aim to cover this item in our next addition of the Newsletter.

Don't forget, previous copies of our monthly Newsletters can be found on our web site.


It was good to see our members again at the first of this term's online rehearsals via Zoom. We were pleased with the number that attended on Saturday last, although there have been a number that have decided that online rehearsals are not for them.

We hope that those that did not sign up for a term of online rehearsals this time will, at some stage, take the opportunity to sample what is on offer at CYWO online rehearsals, which are currently including the introduction of new pieces of music in preparation for our next concerts.

It is appreciated that online rehearsals are no real substitute for a rehearsal at Cordwalles on a Saturday morning but, in the current circumstances, it is the only opportunity we have to meet up and enjoy an hour of CYWO music activity together. If we can retain our numbers over the coming months, it will help to ensure we can continue to have all three sections of our Orchestra when we eventually return to Cordwalles.

Our Musical Directors and Tutors are working hard to make the Saturday morning online rehearsals interesting and productive for our members and we hope that those that attend continue to feel engaged with CYWO musically through this new rehearsal experience.

Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties for some of our Seniors when they tried to log onto Zoom on Saturday. Hopefully, this is just a one-off problem and normal service will be resumed this coming Saturday. If there are any problems with signing into a Saturday morning rehearsal, please text 07803 702320 and we will do what we can to help overcome the problem.

The remaining eleven Saturday morning online Zoom rehearsal dates for the Autumn Term are as follows: -

Senior Section & Junior Section (9.30am to 10.30am) - Intermediate Section (11.00am to 12.00noon)

  • 19 September

  • 26 September

  • 3 October

  • 10 October

  • 17 October

  • 7 November

  • 14 November

  • 21 November

  • 28 November

  • 5 December

  • 12 December


Our experimental online Open Morning on Saturday last went well and, as a result, we are expecting to have seven new members sign up for online rehearsals with our Junior Section.

The success of this Open Morning has encouraged us to look at undertaking another later this term and, in the meantime, if anyone knows of someone that would be interested in developing their musical interests by joining in with our current online rehearsals, please put them in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' section of our web site .

As has always been the case, the success of CYWO is all about the proactive involvement of our members and parents in the promotion of our orchestra to others, based on their own experiences of what we offer as an enjoyable music facility. We hope that this can continue, even in these unusual times when we can no longer promote our orchestra physically through our normal Open Mornings at Cordwalles School.


If anyone is missing any of the pieces of music currently being played at the online rehearsal, please raise this with your Musical Director or Tutor at the rehearsal or, alternatively, email so that any music requests can be forwarded to the appropriate section music librarian.

Brian Hopper


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