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September 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the first Newsletter of the Autumn Term

We have now received updated Covid safeguarding guidelines from Surrey Arts in respect of rehearsals for ensembles from 11 September 2021 and can move on with our plans for having all three sections attending for face-to-face rehearsals at Cordwalles School on Saturday mornings. We look forward to getting everyone back to rehearsing 'live' every Saturday morning!

As expected, whilst the potential for the spread of the Covid virus remains, there continues to be limitations regarding us setting up for rehearsals (although the 2 metre distancing requirement between players has now been reduced to 1 metre). That said, it is still only the main hall at Cordwalles School that is large enough to accommodate full section rehearsals. Therefore, we will now be including smaller group practices for our Junior and Intermediate Sections on alternate Saturdays. How it will work, until a review at our half term break, is as follows:

9.00am to 10.45amSenior Section rehearsing in main hall

11.00am to 12.45am – Junior & Intermediate Sections rehearse as follows

11th September, 25th September and 16th October

Juniors - rehearsing in main hall

Intermediates - instrumental groups rehearse at locations within the school

18th September and 9th October

Juniors - instrumental groups rehearse at locations within the school

Intermediate Section - rehearsing in main hall

There will be a short break during the rehearsals and Orchestra members can bring a drink and something to eat if they wish. Unfortunately we will not be able to resume operating our tuck shop.

Masks must be worn by all Orchestra members in Year 7 and above when on school premises, except when playing a wind instrument, with social distancing of 1 metre observed at all times. Please bring your own CYWO music and music stand.

When we are able to take a break outside on the playground, or playing field, masks will not need to be worn, although the 1 metre social distancing will still apply.

Orchestra members should arrive at Cordwalles no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal start time. They should enter the school via the pedestrian gate opposite the school main entrance and maintain 1 metre social distancing whilst waiting to enter the school.

For collection, we would ask that parents park in the playground to the left of the school vehicle entrance gate and remain in their cars until they are joined by the Orchestra member. Parents are not allowed to access the school premises other than by car for collection and, if collecting on foot, must wait on Berkshire Road for their son/daughter to exit the school.

Because our members attend a number of different schools and colleges, we are sure you will appreciate that we must continue to have safety in the forefront of our minds in our preparations for a return to some sort of normality with regards to rehearsals. We would kindly ask for everyone's co-operation in this regard. Thank you.


For those that will be changing sections from 11 September, please ensure the music for your former section, together with any polo shirt, is handed in when you attend for your first rehearsal with your new section. Thank you.


  • 11th, 18th & 25th September 2021

  • 9th & 16th October 2021 (There will not be a rehearsal on Saturday 2nd October)

  • 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th November 2021

  • 4th December 2021

  • 10th & 11th December 2021 – Christmas Concerts, High Cross Church. Camberley (Intermediates & Seniors)

  • 11th December 2021 – Christmas Coffee Morning, Cordwalles School, Camberley (Juniors).

  • 13th &14th May 2022 – Spring Concerts at Camberley Theatre (All 3 Sections)

Brian Hopper


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