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Updated Safeguarding Guidance

In the light of recent coronavirus developments, we have received updated guidance from both Surrey Arts and High Cross Church, where we will be staging our Christmas Concerts. This updated guidance is aimed at keeping our members and our concert audience safe this Christmas.

The new guidelines are of course an enhancement of those outlined in previous CYWO communication regarding the wearing of face masks both at rehearsals and also in respect of the forthcoming Christmas Concerts at High Cross Church.

Surrey Arts

Following the Government’s guidance to schools requesting that students (Y7 and above), staff and visitors wear face coverings in communal areas, we would ask that our members in Y7 and above wear face coverings (unless exempt) when moving around rehearsal and concert venues. Additionally members are encouraged to take a lateral flow test before attending rehearsals and concerts.

It is also requested that our audience wear face coverings (unless exempt) when attending concerts.

High Cross Church

The updated Health and Safety guidance we have just received from the church regarding our forthcoming Christmas Concerts also states that, as we are a wind orchestra performing in an indoor public space, the following applies:

  • Everyone in the audience should wear a face mask from entry to exit, unless medically exempt.

  • The performers, (Y7) and above, should wear their masks until they are on stage and put them back on when they leave.

We have also been requested to pass on to those attending the concert that the windows will be open in the sanctuary (concert auditorium) for the duration of the concert and it is therefore recommended that audience members wrap up warm.


Clearly these enhancements of the safeguarding guidelines we originally outlined are a disappointing development. However, everyone will be aware of events over the past week and concerns regarding the spread of the virus in its various forms. We feel that this is something that cannot be taken lightly ahead of the Christmas holiday period and we fully support the more cautious approach that has now been outlined by both Surrey Arts and High Cross Church, which we believe will help protect our members and concert audiences in these challenging times.

Your understanding and cooperation with regard to the updated guidelines would be very much appreciated.

Brian Hopper


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