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The Tour

The bi-annual Tour is one of the highlights of every member's time with the Orchestra.  We work closely with experienced Tour Companies to choose locations and venues that are attractive and vibrant and give our members a wonderful experience to remember.  Recent Tours have been to Italy, Austria, Spain and Portugal.  Use the link below to see the Tour Photos from our Gallery and then read a first hand account of what it's like to be on Tour with CYWO!


Austria 2018

Day 1:

After arriving at Heathrow, crying over the expensive airport food, and saying bye to our luggage, we arrived at security. A couple of pat downs later and CYWO were boarded safely and were off!  A safe landing at Munich, and a successful baggage collection, and we were set to start off our 2018 Austrian tour! We were in high spirits and loving the views and high tech Austrian toilets that did everything but sing you a lullaby before we went to bed.

Day 2:

After an extremely early morning (didn't the organisers realise we are teenagers?) , we found ourselves on a coach on the way to Salzburg. We went on a short (but boiling hot) walk to the funicular railway, and could see the train stretching far up the hill, as if into the clouds. The train ride was exciting, if not a little nerve-racking due to the steepness, but we all made it up there! At the top of the gorgeous tower, we had Tim and Joel as our personal photographers as we posed against the view. Not quite a catwalk.....We had a nice walk around the site before taking the train back down the hill. Once we reached the bottom, we had a shopping spree and then a visit to Mozart's birthplace. Preparing for the concert in the evening started peacefully, but a grey cloud began to loom over the venue and lightning strikes started to hit. We were rushed to shelter where we waited out the storm, whilst singing songs to ourselves and huddling together to keep as warm as possible. Once the storm cleared we had a wonderful concert accompanied by lots of smiling faces - from the members and the audience! Then we went back to the hotel for bed.

Day 3:

We had a nice lie-in this morning! Then after a filling breakfast and Brian dropping his bowl of cereal across the floor, we made our way to St Gilgen. Once again the coach was serenaded (or tortured) by the back row of members and their speaker. We arrived in St Gilgen, greeted by the sight of the Cable Cars and the thought of its climb. After queuing for a bit, we all boarded our Cable Cars and climbed the mountain. The view was absolutely incredible! The mountain became a photoshoot and after a great lunch, we made our way back down to the ground and off to the concert venue. We then had a chance to sight see for a while, and set up for the concert. After a great performance and many approving smiles from Mark, we made our way back to the hotel to have dinner. We ended our day with a great quiz created by our very own Linda. Then made our way to bed.

Day 4:

Another early breakfast began day 4 in Austria! We then all headed out on the coach to Germany for a swim! The pool was stunning and it even had waterslides. we spent a good few hours splashing in the water, which included entertaining the German pool population by dancing in the pool, an aerobics session led by our very own Linda and ending with a conga up and down the huge slide! After eating plenty of schnitzel for lunch and sunbathing on the grass, we made our way back to the hotel for a quick game of football and an early dinner in uniform, prepared for tonight's concert. Our concert was in a little eatery complex in Salzburger Sonnenterrasse, and our audience was so involved with the clapping and laughing! We ended by playing through a gorgeous sunset and racing back to the coach for a sing song to guide us home! Once we had reached the hotel, we spent a little time together and then sent ourselves to bed.

Day 5:

An early breakfast greeted the members today. After this, we had a free morning to do whatever we wanted on the grounds of the hotel. So many of us jumped straight into the pool accompanied by a great game of piggy in the middle and water polo. To warm up after the pool, many of us sunbathed and played a game of football. Then we made our way back to the rooms to get into our uniform ready for our early concert in The Mirabell Gardens! The gardens were astounding and we were all filled with a great buzz as the orchestra set up for the concert. After what may have been the best performance we had given on the tour, the orchestra made its way to the steps at the for front of the gardens (where the characters of the Sound Of Music danced) to take a group picture. We then packed up the van and made our way to a meal. The meal was delicious and was based in a lovely restaurant. Then making our way back, the orchestra sung us the way to the hotel for a good nights sleep.


Day 6:

We woke early for our final day of Tour in Austria, after breakfast we brought our suitcases down ready to go on the coach. Once on the packed up coach, we headed back to Konengesse in Germany to the lake for a boat trip and quick shopping spree. We stopped at the Echo Wall, a stretch of rock face at the water's edge where our guide played his trumpet and we listened to the clear echos! At our stop we got off and had some time for a quick photoshoot and paddle in the lake before hopping back on the boat. Then we started our long journey home, arriving back in Camberley for a final farewell before we all went our separate ways to a familiar bed and home!!

by Kiera McCormack, Lydia Carlisle, Lydia Westwood and Mia Tew

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