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Tutor Programme

The Orchestra, in conjunction with Surrey Arts, provides individual and group instrument lesson facilities for young brass and woodwind players on a Saturday morning.  We can offer lessons to those wanting to take up the playing of a brass or woodwind instrument for the first time, with a view to then joining the Junior Section of the Orchestra as soon as they are regarded as being ready by their instrument tutor. Ongoing lessons are also provided to those that have already joined the Orchestra through our Tutor Programme. 

On average, those learning their instrument from scratch will be ready to join the Orchestra after three terms of lessons although, for those who progress really quickly, it could be within a shorter period of time. All tutors delivering music lessons on a Saturday morning are fully qualified specialist musicians appointed using the Surrey Arts standard recruitment policy and, in view of this, a high quality of tuition is provided. Tuition costs will vary depending on the size of the group. Music lesson costs can be found on the Surrey Arts Website. 

The Orchestra can offer lessons to anyone interested in learning an instrument at any time, although there is an opportunity to attend an "Open Morning'', usually in June each year, to try out a range of brass and woodwind instruments under the guidance of one of our specialist tutors, before deciding which instrument is best suited to the individual.  

Playing an instrument as a member of the Orchestra can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, with the opportunity to make new like-minded friends . There are of course challenges in learning an instrument for the first time but there is always plenty of help available from experts within the Orchestra Team.

A Lesson at Cordwalles School
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